Wilhelm Pellman

Boy who was killed and became a ghost.


Is the younger son of Karl Pellman, a wealthy owner and breeder of horses. From the village of Vallaki in Barovia. Has an older brother Kole, whom he has an extremely adversarial relationship. Kole always got into fights, and was considered a bully. This was compounded by the fact that Whilhelm was the opposite. Well mannered, and got along well with people. He had many friends, but his best friend was Mark. Kole killed him one day in a fit of rage. Whilhelm witnessed this while trying to warn Mark about Kole’s particularly angry mood. Upon seeing this he fled out of the alley and was hit by a out-of-control cart carrying vegetables to the market.

The last one to speak to Whilhelm while he was alive was a local innkeeper known as Mother Ladria. Due to the violence he witnessed before his death, his spirit stayed and Whilhelm became a ghost. The Restless were able to solve the murder of Wilhelm’s friend Mark and as such his soul was able to finally rest, he smiled and waved the the party before finally dissipating

Wilhelm Pellman

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